Super Focused

November 8, 2016
Major Key

Rarely do you come across an artist whose passion for music and flowing surpasses the desire and need to be known, whose drive and determination to become great allows him (or her) to take all kinds of criticism, and whose personality creates an immediate impression on you. Even more rare is the artist who patiently studies the game and its artists to find those hidden gems in certain lyrics, as did the young Mos Def and Pharrell when traveling the country to follow A Tribe Called Quest. This is, in my opinion, what’s missing in the game – this unbridled love for the art to perfect one’s craft, by any means necessary.

DRE-SKI continues his campaign with the successful drop of "Calm Your Taste Budz 2" mixtape hosted by DJ Relentt and his electrifying debut single "Amazing" on all major music platforms such as Apple Music, GooglePaly, Spotify & more! Stay tuned the debut music video of "Amazing" in which will without a question, will take the world by storm!

Kevin Harvey

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